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Open Ear Network

Above: Networks without nodes, a reworking of Paul Baran’s On Distributed Communications: 1. Introduction to Distributed Communications Network (1964)


A network is any system of interconnected points / locations, nodes, which become greater, augmented, than when in isolation. While emphasis is most often placed on the nodes, it is the connections / links / lines / flows, the spaces between, the hinterland of the network, and their resulting mesh / matrix, which provides the site, means and context for the networks ability to transfer and transform. Similarly art can be thought of as a space in-between:

“The work of art occupies a pivotal point between two sets of behaviour, the artist’s and the spectator’s. It is essentially a matrix, the substance between. It exists nether for itself nor by itself.” (Ascott, R. 2003, Telematic Embrace)

On November 20th 2007, Open Ear hosted an event curated by myself entitled Network presenting performances on this theme.

Sound and visual artists / groups working with networks as a thematic or technical element to their work within live performance contexts were invited to contribute to the event. Proposed performances could include the use of networks to dynamically generate or enhance performance, to collaboratively create a performance through a network, to discuss the nature of networks and their impact on society etc. All proposed performances were required to be audio-visual, audio or visual with selection preference given to audio-visual works and up to a maximum of 30 minutes each.

The line-up for the evening was as follows:

Open Ear Network performances

Above: Stills of all the performances. Click image to view more.

Videos of the performances are available here.

The Venue

Canterbury Christ Church Broadstairs Campus, situated on the east coast of Kent, England approximately 30 minutes from Canterbury, opened in 2000 with a wide selection of higher education courses. The campus is committed to the arts and cultural regeneration of the area and regularly host’s events, exhibitions and performances on site.

Open Ear, audio-visual events and performances 2007 – 2008 are supported by Canterbury Christ Church University.

Open Ear

Open Ear, formed in 2006, is a loose collaborative group of like minded individuals creating audio-visual art and organising live events within club, gallery, open air or site specific venues. Our principal interests include collaboration, live performance, generative audio-visual work, hybridised art, DIY soundart, circuit-bending and networks.

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