A.u.t.o.m.n.e. / Autumn : renew

Above: A.u.t.o.m.n.e. / Autumn : renew performed at Open Ear Cinema, Canterbury Christ Church University, Broadstairs Campus, England on the 11/03/08.

A.u.t.o.m.n.e. / Autumn : renew is an audiovisual performance performed by Frédérique Santune at the Open Ear Cinema event on the 11th of March 2008. The software, designed by me in max/msp, allowed the artist to perform live with a video through voice and gesture.

A.u.t.o.m.n.e. / Autumn : renew stills

Above: Stills of the performance. Click image to view more.

The performance takes as its starting point a graphic video A.u.t.o.m.n.e. by the artist. In the performance her voice over distorts the image and sound of the video in a variety of chosen ways. The intention of the performance is to describe the process of it’s own creation. In doing so it erases bit by bit the memory of its own making.

A.u.t.o.m.n.e. / Autumn : renew performance still

Above: Frédérique Santune performing A.u.t.o.m.n.e. / Autumn : renew

A.u.t.o.m.n.e. / Autumn : renew performance software - Untitled

Above: Screenshot of the software Untitled.

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