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Network Research is a weblog gathering and archiving information concerning the use of networks in new media / contemporary art. Its function is as a thinking space and testing ground for on going research into artistic practice and works created by Garrett Lynch.

Research documented here can take multiple forms including short write ups on artists art works or practice, documentation of relevant literature, discussion of ideas or work in progress or complete etc. Network Research’s purpose is not to function as a review weblog however if I have written about your work already and you have new work you want to make me aware, if you feel your work is relevant to the research here or if you would like me to give a guest lecture at your university or event, email me using the contact form on this site or at: garrett at thisdomain dot org.

About Garrett Lynch

Garrett Lynch (IRL) is an artist, lecturer, curator and theorist. His work deals with networks (in their most open sense) within an artistic content; the spaces between artworks, artist and audience as a site, means and location for artistic initiation, creation and discourse.

Educated to degree standard in Visual Communication (specialised in Multimedia) in England and masters level in France at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. Garrett is currently Senior Lecturer in New Media at Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries, Wales and has previously taught on new media courses in England at Canterbury Christ Church University, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and the University of Hertsfordshire.

For further details on practice and research please see the artists site http://www.asquare.org/. To get in contact use the form on this site or email: garrett at thisdomain dot org

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