A Haunting of Haunts @ Interstice

I will be exhibiting A Haunting of Haunts at Interstice in Los Angeles, curated by The Residency Project and MOTOR from the 23/08/2021 – 31/08/2021. More details here:

D<AI>DALOS – Post-Human Creativity: The Use of AI in Art

Post-Human Creativity: The Use of AI in Art

On June 24th (7pm CEST) I will be part of a panel on The Use of AI in Art at the Artificial Intelligence Center, Czech Technical University in Prague. The panel is free to attend online. Full details here catalogue

A catalogue for the, “a biennale that doesn’t take place with works that don’t exist”, that I was part of last year has been published. You can download the free catalogue as pdf/html/epub here –

Scene 8 (1-2), Performance & Ireland

Sandwich Board

Scene 8 (1-2), and issue on #Performance & #Ireland, is out. I have an article in this discussing #networkedperformance created between 2008 and 2019, which explores representation and place as they relate to the intersection of ‘virtual’ space, ‘real’ space and #Irish identity.

At A Distance 4 catalog

The At A Distance 4 catalog, featuring A Haunting of Haunts, published by Alastria Press is now out. Buy a hard copy here or download a free open access copy here.

Work included in Web and Digital for Graphic Designers

Web and Digital for Graphic Designers

‘Wasting Time on the Internet’ and ‘A network of people who attended an exhibition and contributed to the creation of this work’ included in Web and Digital for Graphic Designers ( representing the section of “Art on / with the internet”.

Exhibiting works @ The Web Biennial – APEIRON

he Web Biennial - APEIRON

Currently showing a selection of works as part of The Web Biennial – APEIRON.

As Yet Unnamed @ The Burrow

The Burrow

Exhibiting some work as part of this. Many thanks to Aad Björkro for all the hard work and the curation of a great selection of works.


The Burrow is a pavilion of biennial curated by Aad Björkro. Now open at, the exhibition includes 25 works by 27 participating artists, and will run until Mar 1 2020.

Envisioning the internet as myriads of intertwining underground tunnels; where places of refuge coincide with the secret bases of those must be hidden from. Emerged in the tunnels we tried to listen to those who must never speak, look for things we had lost and spy on the spies spying on us. For display we gathered relics from our past, expansions of the hidden, connections to the elsewhere and lessons for the future. Now we gladly invite you to see what we have found.

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