Video Networks

Video Network #1: Dialogues

Above: Installation view of Video Network #1: Dialogues

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Video Networks is a research project consisting of the development of an electronic interface system for enabling the creation of networked or connected video based art works and the works produced with this system. It’s purpose is to explore the potential of creating works which are cinematic in nature yet break away from fixed linear narratives to explore concepts such as montage, collage, mixing, rhythm, looping, non-linearity in combination with simple interactivity in real time.

Video Network #1: Dialogues diagram

Above: Example video network with two nodes each with its own DVD player, monitor and prototype controller. Example shown is the configuration of Video Network #1: Dialogues. White arrows indicate flow of interaction of system, red arrow indicate viewers gaze.

The interface system employs a combination of reverse engineered inexpensive consumer electronics and some custom hardware to enable devices such as DVD players, monitors, video cameras, projectors etc. to communicate, in effect network and influence each other.

The first work employing the prototype system, entitled Dialogues, is a two channel video installation conceived and created by artists Garrett Lynch and Frédérique Santune which explores ideas of exploration, mapping and translation will be followed by subsequent thematic explorations using the interface system.

Video Network #1: Dialogues screenshots

Above: Screenshots of the Video Network #1: Dialogues installation videos

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