Liminalities 10.1


The journal of performance studies, Liminalities issue 10.1, is a special issue guest edited by Garrett Lynch (University of South Wales) and Rea Dennis (Deakin University). The contributions to this issue have been compiled from the outcomes of the international conference Remote Encounters: Connecting Bodies, Collapsing Spaces and Temporal Ubiquity in Networked Performance held at the University of South Wales on the 11th and 12th of April 2013.

Since the Internet entered the public domain in the early 90’s there has been an explosion in its artistic application as a means, site and context for creative practice. In many respects, much of this practice is performative in nature and as a result has attracted artists from performance backgrounds to what can be considered as a new ‘site’ for performance. The Internet is however only one of many network technologies that have enabled networked performance and as such the conference and now this issue of Liminalities set out to explore the use of any form of network as a means to enhance or create a wide variety of performance arts.

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