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visuosonics software

Above: Motion capture software developed for the Visuosonics research project. Click for larger view.

Since February 2010 I’ve worked on a series of applications which allow motion capture for performance as part of the Visuosonic research project at Southampton Solent University. The research:

uses real-time sound-image interactivity to create immersive environments in which the art gallery, the concert hall, the theatre and the cinema converge into a ‘total’ performance space.

My contribution involved creating bridging applications in Max/MSP and Java which would allow hardware to be used with a variety of software front-ends. This included:

  • Vision motion capture: USB or Firewire camera → capture software → OSC receiving software.
  • Gesture motion capture: Acceleglove → capture software → OSC receiving software.

vision software

Above: Vision capture software tracking.

For details on how to use an Acceleglove in Max/MSP, please see the Acceleglove capture in Max/MSP tutorial.

Author: Garrett
Type: Research
Indexed: April 18th, 2011
Tags: application, control, installation, interface, movement, performance
  1. Acceleglove capture in Max/MSP tutorial (application, control, installation, interface, movement, performance)
  2. Permutation & Combination (control, installation, movement, performance)
  3. Video Networks (control, installation, interface)
  4. For Those Who Fear Intimacy / For Those Who Fear Loneliness (control, interface, performance)
  5. A Metaverse Art Residency: ‘Garrett Lynch Yoshikaze “Up-in-the-air” Second Life Residency’ (control, installation, performance)
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