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So what's the project all about?

Dialogues is the first work made with the interface constructed as part of the Video Networks research. It is a two channel video installation conceived and created by artists Garrett Lynch and Frédérique Santune which explores ideas of place, mapping and translation.

Each artist conceived of an exploratory video of the locality of the other. Two separate video works based on ideas of place, appropriation, exploration, walking, performance, rhythm and opposites (or binary); male and female, Irish and French, night and day etc., were to be created in isolation.

The video work created by Garrett Lynch shows a rotating video rectangle containing a single take of the artists moving legs overlaid by a post produced graphical representation of the distance traveled and the duration of the video. The work maps the movement through both the space and the space of the media, a DVD. Within the installation playback is controlled by the video work of Frédérique Santune based on rules / patterns defined within that work. While the video work is a playback of the audio-visual documentation of the original walking performance it also functions as a non-linear extension of that performance which explores the space / time of the media which contains it.