Actions to Matter / Matter to Actions

Actions to Matter

Transformations: Actions to Matter is part one of a series of online performative actions.

Matter to Actions

Transformations: Matter to Actions is part two of a series of online performative actions.


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Transformations is a series of performative actions employing what is colloquial termed as the 'free stuff' online community. Each action occurs in two parts. Part one, titled Actions to Matter, consists of the artist acquiring physical items for free online. In part two, Matter to Actions, the acquired items are sold online.

If you purchased an item between 23/06/2017 - 10/09/2017 then the QR code and url on the card you received may no longer work. If you need it, a new card can be downloaded here - QR Codes. Print the page with QR Code you need on A5 or A4 card and cut it out.