> "Things to forget"
Things to Forget is an application to allow you the user to electronically visualise any unwanted mental process's, feelings, sentiments, emotions, memories, thoughts, ideas or concepts and gives you full license (see end user license agreement for details) to destroy them. A mind-management tool for the new millennium. Free up your memory by deleting some memory, erase thoughts of that ex-lover, delete memories of that death in the family, wipe away all woes and worries!

1. Fill the note in with as many things that you wish to forget.
2. Close the note by clicking on the square in the top left corner.
3. Wait momentarily while it is visualised and downloaded to your desktop.
4. De-compact the file things_to_forget.zip.
5. To see your Things to Forget simply place the png image in a browser window or open it in any image viewing/editing application.
6. Finally to forget, place the image in your wastepaper basket and empty it. Additional certainty of forgetting can be attained by fully wiping your computers wastebasket with an application such as Norton Utilities.