We Entomb Memoir

We Entomb Memoir

Above: Screenshot of We Entomb Memoir. Click image to view larger.

We Entomb Memoir is a portrait of sorts. A series of process-based actions performed online with appropriated image macro generators, documented with sourced media and hosted by a free weblog service. It is media d├ętournement compiled and combined. Not quite a readymade, unmodified and exhibited within a context different from the one that was intended, it is a postproduction; its creation piggybacking on the work of others from outside the context of art (e.g. design, communication, leisure etc.). The form of the weblog and slideshow create a narrative of relation between the media employed.

Above: Example gravestones created with image macro generators.

All media used in this work has been sourced online under a Creative Commons, Open Source or similar license or is freely available. Media has either been employed directly with no modification or manipulated before use. As well as the numerous image generators used and credited in each post, media employed includes:

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