Yoshikaze “Up-in-the-air” residency publication

Yoshikaze 'Up-in-the-air' residency publication.

Above: Preview of Yoshikaze “Up-in-the-air” residency publication.

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A publication documenting all works produced during the Yoshikaze’s “Up-in-the-air” Second Life Residency.

My Yoshikaze “Up-in-the-air” Second Life Residency took place between 1st December 2010 – 31st January 2011. The residency continued my ongoing exploration of identity within Second Life however now connected that with its relation to or the representation of ‘real’ place. As such emphasis was for the duration of the residency focused particularly on the specifics of place and how it can inform/influence identity. How does place, our ‘real’ location and our ability to simultaneously represent ourselves within a ‘virtual’ world, define what becomes a new facet of our total identity? How can a singular dispersed identity (as opposed to a dualistic identity) enhance our cumulative experience of both ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ places?




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