Five Kelloggs spoons – engraved with artworks name

Five Kelloggs spoons.

Above: Five Kelloggs spoons – engraved with art works name. Click to view larger.

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Series of five spoons from Kelloggs with the engraved inscriptions: “Transform, Actions to, Matter, Matter to, Actions”. Each in its own presentation box. This artwork was created as an action within the networked performance Transformations: Actions to Matter / Matter to Actions.

This item for auction is part of the networked performance, Transformations: Actions to Matter / Matter to Actions. It is one of ninety appropriated items as art acquired during the performance. The performance consists of a series of actions employing what is colloquial termed as the ‘free stuff’ online community. Each action occurs in two parts. Part one, titled Actions to Matter, consists of the artist acquiring physical items for free online. In part two, Matter to Actions, the acquired items are sold online.

Other items for sale as part of the performance can be seen under my eBay profile.




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