Revolution Figurehead

Above: Revolution Figurehead series of video actions.

Revolution Figurehead is a series of video actions via Facebook’s live streaming for the White Flag residency at Peripheral Forms that ran throughout February 2018.

Four performative actions occurred in this series: Revolution Figurehead 1 (Che Guevara), Revolution Figurehead 2 (Michael Collins), Revolution Figurehead 3 (Emily Pankhurst) and Revolution Figurehead 4 (Gandhi).

Using chromakeying each action placed a character mask onto the artist while he designed a flag for the residency through the White Flag website/app. The flag was simultaneously keyed into the background of the video as it was created providing a location or space. The actions were intended to efface the artist’s location, replace it with one relevant to the character portrayed and performatively give the opportunity to design a flag as part of the residency. Sounds in each action were generated by a custom application that progressed from a soundscape for the local space of the artist to a soundscape for the portrayed space of the character, combining and fading relevant sounds randomly within each location’s soundscape.

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