August 12, 2014
Colony 14


I’m showing some new work, called A network of people who attended an exhibition and contributed to the creation of this work, as part of Out of Office which is being exhibited at the Colony 14 Festival taking place across four venues in Cardigan, Wales.

The festival runs from the 20th of August until the 1st of September (daily 11am-3pm, 11am-7pm on the 22nd and 23rd of August) and is showing over 50 artists through installation, drawing, lens-based, time-based sculpture, painting, film, sculpture, performance, workshops, talks (and of course new media).

For a complete program of events see the webpage here. For details on how to get to Cardigan see the webpage here.

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April 24, 2014
Out of Office


If you’re in Cardiff before the 30th of April, it’s worth going along to see Matthew Britton’s curatorial project Out of Office at Arcade Cardiff:

Out of Office is a micro curatorial platform that utilises the auto-reply feature that is present on most email accounts as a method of distributing art. I wish to suggest an even more intimate way of distributing and viewing online works, one which is primarily in the comfort of your own mailbox.

In order to view the work you need only send an email to the assigned email address and wait for the auto reply.

The project features works by: Matthew Britton, Emilie Gervais, Constant Dullaart, Kim Asendorf, Jonas Lund, Sebastian Schmieg, Matthew Williamson, Johannes P Osterhoff, Naomi Heath, Shia LaBeouf, Nastja Säde Rönkkö, Luke Turner, Winnie Soon and Susan Scarlata. If you’re nowhere near Cardiff the works can also be accessed directly from the project website.

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November 25, 2013
HTML5 Visualizer with Microphone Input – Wolfe Island Windmill Test


Beautifully simple work thinking about current browser technologies. If still exists it should be something like this…

A microphone input determines the rate of playback for a sequential set of images. Here, the Wolfe Island Windmills react to the noise of a fan and speed up accordingly. This demonstration was made in Chrome 31 using HTML5 canvas and the getUserMedia() API.

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November 7, 2013
Net Art Implant

net art implant

Net Art Implant by Anthony Antonellis is a site-specific curatorial project which employs a NFC (Near Field Communication) chip implanted in the artists hand as a wireless space to store/exhibit work up to 1 Kilobyte in size. Currently the chip stores an animated gif by the artist however the intention is to source the space out to other artists.

As a form of micro-curation, the artwork will be rotated out to exhibit new artists and artworks on a regular basis. Future artworks may come in various file formats such as GIFs, JPGs, MIDI music, or ASCII art. An Android app in development allows for direct download of the GIF from the chip, displays extended information about the artwork, and contains an archive of previously exhibited works.

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October 31, 2013
u s e r u n f r i e n d l y by UBERMORGEN

Yesterday I had a chance to see the UBERMORGEN exhibition at Carroll / Fletcher Gallery in London. Not the best exhibition I’ve seen at this gallery, a shame for the gallery who have put on some great shows this year and UBERMORGEN who are interesting artists.



Above: Aram Bartholl’s Wifi router curation/exhibition concept Offline Art exhibiting UBERMORGEN’s


Above: Deep Horizon by UBERMORGEN.


Above: AnuScan by UBERMORGEN.

The show is a retrospective of sorts of what seems to be about ten years of practice. This is suggested through the exhibition statement; “the Swiss-Austrian-American duo founded in 1999 by lizvlx and Hans Bernhard” and “The exhibition includes two new installations”, however the works aren’t presented very well to give a sense of chronological progression. The first works you encounter when you enter the gallery is the mini-exhibition of on Wi-Fi routers (an exhibition within the exhibition). In these UBERMORGEN’s works, the oldest in the exhibition, have been curated by Aram Bartholl as part of his curation/exhibition concept Offline Art. The idea is interesting because of the presentation but the work itself looks and feels very dated, jarring dramatically with the presentation mode and making it seem as if it’s a gimmick to give extended life to work that would otherwise be less interesting.


Above: CCTV (A Parallel Universe) by UBERMORGEN.


Above: Vladimir by UBERMORGEN.

By far the most interesting works in the show were (V)ote-Auction, “a platform that enabled trading of electoral votes in the presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore” and Do You Think That’s Funny? – Snowden Files.


Above: (V)ote-Auction by UBERMORGEN.

The exhibition text in the gallery lacked some of the depth I wanted on the works however the free publication (as a pdf) offered by the gallery is perhaps the most useful text to read. There is also an interesting review of the exhibition on the Furtherfield website.

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