October 31, 2013
u s e r u n f r i e n d l y by UBERMORGEN

Yesterday I had a chance to see the UBERMORGEN exhibition at Carroll / Fletcher Gallery in London. Not the best exhibition I’ve seen at this gallery, a shame for the gallery who have put on some great shows this year and UBERMORGEN who are interesting artists.



Above: Aram Bartholl’s Wifi router curation/exhibition concept Offline Art exhibiting UBERMORGEN’s net.art.


Above: Deep Horizon by UBERMORGEN.


Above: AnuScan by UBERMORGEN.

The show is a retrospective of sorts of what seems to be about ten years of practice. This is suggested through the exhibition statement; “the Swiss-Austrian-American duo founded in 1999 by lizvlx and Hans Bernhard” and “The exhibition includes two new installations”, however the works aren’t presented very well to give a sense of chronological progression. The first works you encounter when you enter the gallery is the mini-exhibition of net.art on Wi-Fi routers (an exhibition within the exhibition). In these UBERMORGEN’s net.art works, the oldest in the exhibition, have been curated by Aram Bartholl as part of his curation/exhibition concept Offline Art. The idea is interesting because of the presentation but the work itself looks and feels very dated, jarring dramatically with the presentation mode and making it seem as if it’s a gimmick to give extended life to work that would otherwise be less interesting.


Above: CCTV (A Parallel Universe) by UBERMORGEN.


Above: Vladimir by UBERMORGEN.

By far the most interesting works in the show were (V)ote-Auction, “a platform that enabled trading of electoral votes in the presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore” and Do You Think That’s Funny? – Snowden Files.


Above: (V)ote-Auction by UBERMORGEN.

The exhibition text in the gallery lacked some of the depth I wanted on the works however the free publication (as a pdf) offered by the gallery is perhaps the most useful text to read. There is also an interesting review of the exhibition on the Furtherfield website.

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