August 27, 2013
Chat Roulette as Performance

The following are a selection of art/performance works which employ Chatroulette.


Chat Roulette Adventure Game (image above, video below) by Aram Bartholl:

is a first result of the ‘Point & Click‘ workshop I gave last week at KHM – Acadamy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. In a four-day workshop we ran a hand full of experiments on how to encounter Public Space in computer game adventure style. Most of the interventions took place outside in the City of Cologne. At night we adapted part of the show for the ‘public space’ of Chat Roulette


Anteroulette (image above) by Gregory Chatonsky is described by the artists as follows:

The rule is simple: I’m on Chatroulette, I record the video of my interlocutor. I reconnect to the site and this recorded video can be see by my new partner. I repeat the experiment from 9 to 21.


Faceflip (image above, video below) by Max Hawkins is software art used for performative contexts. A CamTwist effect plugin, it was created as part of Golan Levin’s class Special Topics in Interactive Art & Computational Design at Carnegie Mellon University.


Narcissus Lament (image above, video below) by Liubo Borissov has a similar ‘fliping’ video approach to Faceflip but the effect is used for a different end. The artist describes the experience of the user in the work, the:

Chatroulette user on the other end of this program would just see themselves upside down, which references the mythical character Narcissus seeing his reflection in a body of water.” And “Narcissus Lament” is a 10-minute video grid (excerpt below) composed of 108 separate frames displaying still shots of Chatroulette users experiencing their own “moment of self-recognition.


Chatroulette Reflection (image above, video below) by Michael Schieben is also conecrened with the user seeing themselves in the work. In an exhibition space the work:

Chatroulette Reflection is shown via beamer. The foreign chatters see themself projected as huge image on the wall of the art space. How do they react? Visitors of the exhibition may interact with the foreign chatter by placing different objects in front of the camera and thereby manipulate the image of the foreign chatter.

For more see the Chatroulette Art Projects Tumblr (no longer updated but still some interesting works there).

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August 26, 2013
dQ13 – Dancing Beyond Time


Some new work by one of the contributors (Ivani Santana) to Remote Encounters last April. Broadcast: dQ13 – Dancing Beyond Time is a networked dance performance conducted between Korea, Czech Republic, Spain and Brazil which occurred on the 21/08/2013.

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August 5, 2013
Electrosmog Montréal

I’ve posted about Jean-Pierre Aubé’s work before (Nocturne), this is equally stunning…


Electrosmog Montréal, 0.1 MHz – 144 MHz is a live generated video (made in Processing) which layers a video feed of the skyline of Montréal with a visualisation of the radio frequency spectrum. It is part of the artists Electrosmog series.

In his Electrosmog series, Jean-Pierre Aubé searches out ambient radio frequency activity in the urban landscape of Montréal, which for Aubé forms a singular territory, characterized by its density in the city and by the political and economic issues that accompany it. Equipped with a radio, an antenna, and home-made software, the artist sweeps the titular spectrum of radio frequencies. Every tenth of a second, the device takes a snapshot of its readings – a measure of electromagnetic activity on a specific frequency. This information is then paired with images of Montréal, digitally altered by these same measurements, to create a “documentary in sound” of the city’s spaces. Montréal, well-known to the artist after years of radiofrequency experiments here, is the eighth city in which Aubé has measured and visually presented this urban Electrosmog.

Other works in the series include: Electrosmog S.J.s.R., Electrosmog 824-894 MHz, Electrosmog – Live and Electrosmog Tallinn.


Above: Electrosmog S.J.s.R. installation.


Above: Electrosmog – Live performance.

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