February 26, 2013
New Aesthetics: Cyber-Aesthetics and Degrees of Autonomy

The most lucid and thorough short discussion/dismantling of The New Aesthetic I’ve seen to date is Patrick Lichty’s article, New Aesthetics: Cyber-Aesthetics and Degrees of Autonomy, posted to Reality Augmented (and then Nettime) a few days ago. I’m posting the link here as it should be more widely read.

Like the author, I’m unconvinced of any newness in the The New Aesthetic, but it’s declaration is hardly unsurprising as we are continually living through new-, post- or even hyper- times. The range of ‘vision’ it encompases discussed by the author is in my opinion generously narrow. Depending on what you read about The New Aesthetic it is ether centred on computer vision and so has a history as Lichty states begining in the 60′s when imaging became a key part of both interface and feedback in computing, hence Cyber in the title (cybernetic system’s), or is centred on machine vision which has a much wider scope than computing and a history (when you think about it) that becomes very difficult to attribute a start to e.g. a zoetrope, microscope, telescope, celatone etc.

This list goes on and on and further and further back…

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