April 15, 2012

I’m in Paris at the moment trying to see as many exhibitions and conferences as possible. The best work I’ve seen all week is Videodrones (image above), an audio-visual installation by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot at the Collége des Bernardins.

The work uses live video feeds from five cameras placed in the street outside the gallery to generate constant drone audio within the space. The imagery is unmodfied however projections of the videos are placed out of order making it difficult to follow movement in the external space and in a sense abstracting it across all five projections. Movment / changes in light controls the audio, passers-by become unknowing participants in the work. The installation closes today the 15th of April so if you’re in Paris go see it without delay.

I wasn’t aware that I knew of this artist however Les Oiseaux de Céleste (video below) shown at the Barbican in 2010 does look very familiar.

Many thanks to Frédérique Santune for taking me to see this installation.

    Posted by: Garrett @ 12:03 pm

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