July 19, 2012
Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow, the MADE commission by Joseph Hyde, is a four site installation which ran from the 9th to 26th June 2012 connecting users in London, Paris, Mons and Istanbul.

These installations operate as online portals, connected in realtime. They give access to a 3D shared virtual environment and allow the simultaneous interaction of the public. Equally accessible, the ’5th space’ website follows and informs the project’s development.

The object of this work is to invite the user to interact and to communicate with both their own representation and with that of other users, in a visual and sound universe, immersive and progressive, combining motion capture (based on multiple Microsoft Kinects) and telepresence. The ‘shadows’ that users cast in the virtual space can at the same time sculpt three-dimensional objects and sound, while their movement also allows navigation and interaction with other users. Each user is encouraged in this way to experience in realtime a true physical and ubiquitous choreographic language but also to explore new connections between the geographical, social, physical and virtual universes of these 4 places.

Many thanks to Frédérique Santune for the link.

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