March 30, 2012
Lens-less Camera

The Lens-Less Camera by Akihiko Taniguchi is a simple web app for the iPhone designed to ‘take’ a picture without using the built in camera. The following text is from the artists site in Japanese and translated by an online translator:

Gets the current position by GPS that is built into the iPhone, and remove the photo from google streetview of the surroundings. Do not use the camera, (roughly) you take a picture of where you are. The streetview is an error if there is no data or was close to the countryside.

The work, called a study by the artist, is reminiscent of Buttons by Sascha Pohflepp. While Buttons however is a custom built device in the shape of a compact camera with the lens noticeably missing, the Lens-Less Camera considers a device already in the pockets of many users and how that can become a means of seeing the current location in a different time.

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      April 28th, 2012 at 9:10 pm

      [...] to add to the growing list of networked enabled cameras I’ve been posting about (see the Lens-less Camera and Buttons). Using it is the same as other cameras, simply point and click, however the output [...]

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