August 2, 2012
Second call for papers / performances & confirmed keynotes – Remote Encounters

The keynotes / lead performer lineup for the conference Remote Encounters: Connecting bodies, collapsing spaces and temporal ubiquity in networked performance has now been confirmed. We are proud to welcome:


  • Jo-Anne Green from Turbulence ( and Networked Performance (
  • Marc Garrett from Furtherfield (

Lead performer:

  • Annie Abrahams (

Our open call for papers and performances continues until 4pm (GMT), Friday 31/08/12. Please find details included below.

:: Call for papers and performances ::

Contributions are invited from practitioners and academics for papers and performances that contextualise current networked performance themes and issues both historically and across the spectrum of different types of networks, explore the wealth of performance opportunities offered by the internet and give a sample of future directions for networked performance.

The full call can be found online at:

Posted by: Garrett @ 1:14 pm
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