June 11, 2011
Your Name in Lights


Your Name in Lights by John Baldessari is currently showing at the Museumplein in Amsterdam and via Livestream on the web. The work, presented by the Holland Festival and the Stedelijk Museum, which runs from the 1st to the 26th of June 2011:

gives people the opportunity to experience a glittering 15 seconds of fame by having their names on a giant illuminated sign. Inspired by traditional markers of celebrity, such as the neon lights on Broadway and the marquees of Hollywood cinemas, John Baldessari’s work offers spectators from Amsterdam and all over the world the opportunity for what he has called “entry-level celebrity.” Each registered name will be illuminated for 15 seconds on the 30-meter long L.E.D. sign that will be on view twenty-four hours a day during the exhibition period…Your Name in Lights playfully and provocatively reflects the fixation with celebrity in contemporary culture and recalls Andy Warhol’s oft-quoted statement from 1968, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. “Warhol is so yesterday,” says John Baldessari. “Be a celebrity for 15 seconds! Be a celebrity, a living legend and an idol. Experience the thrill of seeing your name in lights!”

Plagued by problems since it’s debut (weather and now mal-functioning led panels, see images below) the work is as you would expect interesting in concept but for me seems a little gimmicky.

To see Your Name in Lights, register on the website.

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