December 5, 2011
Luminous Earth Grid


Luminous Earth Grid is an array of 1,680 energy-efficient fluorescent lamps installed across ten acres of undulating landscape, fifty miles north of San Francisco in America. The artist states:

I see the project as a poetic statement on the potential harmony between technology and nature…The glowing green grid can be seen as an icon of computer imaging technology, which in this ‘real life,’ incarnation, gently melds with the flowing shape of a lovely landscape…a dream-like vision of symbiotic unity.

Hard to believe that this stunning work is eighteen years old. This isn’t the typical type of work I’d post about here but it’s very clear and justified the connection the artist makes with technology. The mesh created reminds us of the simple underlying structures used in 3D applications. Here, mapped onto a real landscape, we are reminded how no landscape is natural anymore and how technology often influences their shape.



Originally seen on I like this art.

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