April 16, 2011

2067 is a net.art work which allows an email to become a time-capsule delivered at a chosen point in the future. The work:

focuses on its consequences : waiting, memory and correspondence but also on the aspect of relativity of our conscience towards time and Others.

It proposes an exploration of the web as a:

working model in process of our univers [sic] in which space, time and memory, as well as the dynamical process of evolution proper to any organism are forming all together a complex system of relations, that is, in fine something one could call an « intelligence ». This very special intelligence might be different from ours regarding to its capacity of organizing its time on a dynamical and parallels ways instead of a chronological one. Plunging into the entrails of an abstract form that possesses our secrets, our desires as well as our relations to the others and therefore is the more acute and useful witness of our social evolution might then be a way – de facto – of plunging into the unknown of our consciousness. We can therefore ask ourselves whether this intelligence would not be able to give us some clues regarding the fundamental questions of human being as a child building his identity reflects ours. The fact of playing with time and correspondence by sending a message in the future is a way of beginning some sort of correspondence in which desire and waiting will play their part and even may be the anguish of an Unknown out of ourselves and therefore out of control.

Via Frédérique Santune.

    Posted by: Garrett @ 7:10 pm

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