August 25, 2011
The digital decomposition of 10 Ruston Close


The digital decomposition of 10 Ruston Close, an installation and online work by John Wild opens on Thursday, September 1st at the Gallery & Project Space, Great Western Studios, London. The online part of the work is already online and can be viewed at http// (note a Java enabled browser is required).

The work, titled after the former residence of mass murderer John Christie:

explores the relationships between trauma, memory and architecture within the digital age. A photograph of 10 Ruston Close, formally 10 Rillington Place, will be both projected within the gallery…Each time the image is viewed, either online or within the space, a single pixel will be removed from the image. Over the period of the exhibition the image will decompose directly in response to the number of views it receives.

There are some interesting ideas about online work here. The use of a network and the activity around the work (in a sense looking at the work) leads to the works destruction or erasure. This emphasises through process (as well as through the visual) the works subject matter, a location/site which has itself has been destroyed/erased over time.

To read more about the work and it’s subject matter, see the gallery site here.

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