November 3, 2010

Txt-Me-1st by Eva Schindling is another work with a textual/language theme. An interactive table based installation which allows users to:

create their own spam message by sending a SMS text with their mobile phone to a ‘machine’ installed inside the museum. The machine comprises different old typewriter’s parts and a computer program that turns the incoming text into a spam message through a series of physical interactions and computational algorithms. After the final text is generated, it will be sent back to the visitor’s mobile phone.

More than anything else the purpose of this particular work is to reveal the process involved in the composition of a, ultimately, digital text (spam), through largely mechanical production and visualisation.

Txt-Me-1st is a response to the generative process of spam messages we receive daily. While people try hard to prevent them to enter their mailbox, there is much creativity in the way how spam messages are composed in order to avoid from being caught by anti-spam program. The most common methods are the use of misspelled words and trimming down of whole sentences into keywords only…Txt-Me-1st is inspired by the evolution of this new writing method. It shares a lot of similarities with some early text-based new media art in terms of the ‘randomness’ and ‘emptiness’ revealed in the works. It also reminds us of the playful and the rebellious nature in DaDa’s phonetic poetry in the early 20th century…By implementing the influence of the ambient environment and the interactions between digital text projection and the old typewriter’s mechanical arms, visitors are witnessing how their message is decomposed and recomposed…Txt-Me-1st can be seen as an experience generator rather than just a computational machine that writes on its own. It tries to emphases the playful experience between writing (sending text message) and reading (receiving spam message). It is also experimenting a new way of audience participation by turning the museum into a remote factory which allows the audience to take part in the work even if they are not on site.

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