November 28, 2010
Humlab; Yoshikaze, Up in the Air Residency

From 01/12/2010 to the 31/01/2011, I will be artist in residence at Humlabs, Yoshikaze Up in the Air Residency in Second Life (teleport there). Please feel free to drop in and see work in progress. What follows are details of what the residency will entail.

Since January 2007 I have created performances and installations in Second Life. The basis of all my work has been identity. Creating an avatar that is not an alter-ego, what is usually an artists opportunity to start afresh and explore new practices, methods or even themselves being new, my avatar is instead a projection of my ‘real’ world identity into a ‘virtual’ world. It looks, dresses, acts and even bears the same name as me, yet my avatar is not me. It is a representation of how I am In Real Life (IRL).

My residency at Humlab’s Yoshikaze space will continue to explore these ideas of identity as they relate to Second Life and its relation to or representation of ‘real’ place. As such emphasis will for the duration of the residency focus particularly on the specifics of place and how it can inform/influence identity. How does place, our ‘real’ location and our ability to simultaneously represent ourselves within a ‘virtual’ world, define what becomes a new facet of our total identity? How can a singular dispersed identity (as opposed to a dualistic identity) enhance our cumulative experience of both ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ places?

A series of works will be produced during the residency that respond to these ideas and the location of the residency at Yoshikaze. These will, due to their subject matter, investigate a number of mixed and augmented reality techniques and entail outcomes including objects, devices and environments. On completion of the residency these will be intended for display and use in an exhibition and may form the basis of a performance.

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