October 14, 2010
Delicious Poetry

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Delicious Poetry by Art is Open Source (xDxD.vs.xDxD / Salvatore Iaconesi and penelope.di.pixel / Oriana Persico) is a net.art work which assembles itself from popular links on Delicious to:

visually build a chaotic poem. An everchanging complex composition built on people’s wishes, desires, tastes and emotions…The generative poems composed by the work produce pages that are a dynamic assemblage of the things that internet users deem as being interesting at a certain time. This is why search engines and content aggregators seem to find these chaotic poems so interesting, finding them completely filled with the “hot” keywords of the moment. So much that they tent to spider, cache, index, rate and categorize them.

Further information about the work can be seen here and here.

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