January 4, 2010
Connected clothing by Alexander Reeder

Staying with the connected devices / objects theme, the following are two connected clothing works by Alexander Reeder.

Dream Jammies (image above, video below) are user aware pajamas which can be connected to through a custom iPhone appication. The pajamas are:

aware of your body in several ways. They know whether you are standing or laying down, tossing or lying quietly. Dream Jammies also know your body temperature. This information is relayed to your partner’s iPhone, and expressed on their screen in color, changing in realtime. As you lay down to sleep, the screen fades from green to blue, the shade of blue reflecting your body temperature. As you roll around, the screen flickers red. By shaking the iPhone your partner is able to reach out, causing the chest of your pajamas to vibrate. Not pleasant while you sleep, but a perfect alarm clock. Not only are you able to keep in touch while living on opposite sides of the world, Dream Jammies offer insight into how you sleep by capturing data as you snooze.

Butterfly Dress (image above, video below) is a customised dress with attached butterflies which are connected to and flap in tandem with their wearers heartbeat. The artist asks:

What if your clothes could function as an ice-breaker and literally invite a conversation? Clothes, which function as an insulating layer between their wearer and the outside world, are in the perfect position to instigate conversations beyond branding and style…The Butterfly Dress…serves as your personal ambassador, even while you are preoccupied.

For related works see Internet Pajama, the work of Rachel Murphy and Wearable Forest.

Dream Jammies originally seen at Electricfoxy.

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