April 27, 2010
Field of Voices

Through the Virtual Looking Glass is the collective name for a group of exhibitions of virtual art taking place throughout April in five real world galleries in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, the United States and at Caerleon Isle in Second Life. The exhibition in Second Life as a whole is disappointing with regards to the hype it has received. Too big/sprawling to feel as if it is a sensibly curated event, the exhibition has countless works which are clearly created with an aim to sell and furnish residents homes. Floating dollar signs or “buy me” text is constantly pushed into view as you move around.

That said there are one or two gems in the exhibition if your prepared to search. Field of Voices (images above and below, video below) by Aequitas is one of these. The work is a collision reactive environment of glowing columns of light. Each column plays back a 10 second recording of the voice of a user who has ether directly in Second Life called the artist and left a message or visited the installation page on the internet to record and leave a message. As you wander around walking through the columns and occasionally falling through the floor to the shore below these audio recordings are triggered and the columns play back the audio with overlaid ambient sounds and light up/change colour. The effect is simple but mesmerising.

Visitors can still contribute to the installation as the exhibition continues, just visit Aequitas’ website.

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April 25, 2010
Sounder and Relay

Sounder and Relay (image above, video below) by Ben Chang is currently showing at the exhibition Liminality: The Space Between Worlds at Antena in Chicago and in Second Life at I AM Columbia Island. The work merges spaces in Second Life with ‘real’ life:

Two video projections show computer-generated figures in Victorian interiors. As the two tap messages on their telegraphs, the signals are transmitted through physical antique telegraph equipment. The text is composed of excerpts from dialogue between N. and C. in the book Wired Love: A Romance in Dots and Dashes.

Published in 1879 by a former telegraph operator, Ella Cheever Thayer, Wired Love: A Romance in Dots and Dashes tells the story of an ‘online’ courtship between two telegraph operators. The man named C and the woman named N have never met and only know each other by their handles.

Below is a photograph of the work at Antena in Chicago. All photographs of the show can be seen here.

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April 20, 2010

Delta (image above, video below) by Yousuke Fuyama is a software sketch for generating triangles and sounds in realtime. Beyond that I know nothing, is it for a performance or an installation? What this is made in? It might be Max/MSP or Processing using OpenCV but it could also be a number of other things (Puredata, OpenFrameWorks etc.). Yes sure I’ve seen Reactable and it’s countless imitations but nothing I’ve seen sounds as good as this.

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April 8, 2010
Hiperficies by Elias Crespin

Hiperficies (image above) by Elias Crespin is an exhibition currently running at Ars Longa in Paris until the 08/05/10 which I had the good fortune to see yesterday thanks to a friends recommendation. If your in Paris and you have some time to spare this small exhibition of four pieces is well worth a visit.

The two most interesting pieces in the exhibition, Mall Electrocinetica 1 (image above) and Hiperficies (image below), cycle through pre-configured animations, sometimes replicating waves or landscapes and sometimes forming perfect geometric shapes, they constantly move between resembling natural and unnatural forms.

Below is a video of the artist discussing his work within the context of a show at Kinetica in London.

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April 6, 2010
Liminality: The Space Between Worlds

I’m currently showing performance documentation of Between Saying and Doing within the context of the exhibition Liminality: The Space Between Worlds at Antena in Chicago (RL) and in SL at I AM Columbia Island (my space is the black square on the map below). The show runs until Saturday 1st of May.

On the space in Second Life next to my work is an installation called AERO by Simotron Aquila (images below) which is well worth a visit.

AERO plays on ideas of liminality in how the work is ‘connected’ to both Second Life and real life through a merging of what would normally be aspects which are impossible to control in a sculptural context e.g. gravity and simultaneously using what simulates real materials and qualities/effects e.g. the wind. The work consists of:

a group of sculptures / installations that represent in different way the double theme of the suspension and the anchorage. That doubleness that represents and connects the imaginative and projectual tendency of the daily reality, with the dimension of the virtual daily experience that always begins with the redefinition of the identity, of the ownership and, after all, of the limit…The choice are been to use only basic primitives created in SL. White color and the almost total absence of textures, want to leave the objects free from their ties with the physical reality.

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