June 14, 2009
Subtle Technologies: Networks day 3 symposium

A report of some of day 3 presentations which particularly interested me at the Subtle Technologies Festival: Networks.

Eyal Sivan (image above and below) gave a fascinating talk about what he terms the Connective which indicates that:

global culture is shifting from rigid hierarchical structures – collectives – to more dynamic and flexible structures – connectives…A connective refers to a distributed network made up of voluntary participants, organized around a specific interest or context, with each member seeking to achieve an individual goal. This new structure is neither individualistic nor socialist. It is something that is an intricate mixture of the two; a third way. Rather than trying to capture and freeze absolutes, connectives bend and flex, and acknowledge that the world around them bends and flexes as well.

Alan Sondheim (image above) presented his work, performance and installation in Second Life (images below) in general. Much of his presentation focused on pushing Second Life to the limits, exploring limits of movement, density etc.

Julien Ottavi presented his collaborative work BOT: virtual networked lab (images above and below) and the possibilities of using audio and networks.

More photos of the presentations here on Flickr.

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