May 18, 2009
Robert Whitman – Telephony Performances

What follows is a chronology of telephony performances by Robert Whitman.

In 1972 Whitman produced his first telephone/radio piece, NEWS. Participants were provided with coins and sent to particular pay phones in Manhattan. Each person moved from phone to phone, reporting about what they saw and the resulting audio was mixed by Whitman and broadcast live on WBAI radio.

Over the next two years, NEWS was also performed in Houston, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and other cities.

Cell Phone Performance (image above) by Robert Whitman performed in 2002, Leeds, England is an updated performance of his 1972 performance, News. This time performers were provided with cell phones to call in reports of their location and what they observed. More than simply a re-enactment of the performance with updated technology, use of cell phones allowed participants to explore their location more freely and to report while on the go.

Local Report (images above), the third and most recent series of performances occurred in 2005. Once again participants employed cell phones but this time to shoot video clips which were sent on to the artist to be mixed both visually and aurally.

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