March 6, 2009
POD (Wind Array Cascade Machine)

POD (image above, video below) is an installation created with the Wind Array Cascade Machine (WACM) (image bottom) by Steve Heimbecker. It is a:

64 channel installation that uses 2880 light emitting diodes (LEDs) to portray a 4 dimensional picture of the wind (3-D plus time). Each of 64 “pods”, functions as a velocity or amplitude light meter of each of the 64 wind sensors in the WACM data network. POD is designed to operate from live streamed data produced by the WACM installed upon a horizontal (rooftop) location, or from recorded wind data previously generated by the WACM system. The POD installation is 3 metres by 3 meters across, and 1.75 meters tall (eye level).

Similar in presentation to Volume the fascinating aspect of this work is it’s ability to stream data from the WACM outdoor capture installation across the internet to the POD’s indoor reception installation (watch the video and look at the diagram for details). While on the surface the work is simply a visualisation of data, invisible data made visible, this networking of the wind is beautifully poetic – one of those works you’re glad you read a little more about to reveal it’s hidden depth.

For related work see Wind Code Image.

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