March 26, 2009

In_step is a prototype for a wearable work by Keith Armstrong which allows:

participants to feel the changing contact points between their feet and the ground using wearable bandages woven with soft sensors.

Tread quality is felt through a wireless device worn on the stomach ether directly by the the user wearing the bandages or another. The two constituent parts of the device are shown in the images below. See the website for a video demonstrating the device.

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March 22, 2009
Wearable Forest

Wearable Forest (image above) by Ryoko Ueoka and Hiroki Kobayashi from the University of Tokyo is “bio-acoustic” clothing which is networked with a subtropical forest of the southern Ryukyu Islands of Japan. Equipped with embedded speakers, LEDs, an embedded CPU system and a wireless internet connection, the dress processes and remotely plays the soundscape of the jungle through the speakers and uses the LEDs to create patterns reflecting the activity level of jungle life. More than just a receiver sensors also let the user transmit pre-recorded acoustic data back to the forest installation, creating a bioacoustical loop.

Above is an interview with the works creators. Originally seen at Fashioning Technology.

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March 21, 2009
My life is an interactive fiction II

My life is an interactive fiction II (image above of installation and below of the installations feed) is a month long networked performance work by Gregory Chatonsky.

In a performative action, the artist turns his private life into an interactive fiction: Before any decision he has to make, Chatonsky sends his options to the exhibition’s computer and waits until a visitor decides for him, and he will do what he is told.

Originally seen on VVork.

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March 13, 2009
Revelation 2213

Revelation 2213 (images above of installation and below of the website) is an interactive networked video installation by Claudia X. Valdes currently showing (until tomorrow) at Lawrimore Project in Seattle, America and online at

The piece creates a scenario in which participants are required to negotiate their corporeal bodies with a background video created from animated photographs of nuclear atmospheric tests. Physical reality is combined with a ‘virtual’ space, yielding a new hybrid-reality…How will people respond when seeing themselves, their bodies, in the hybrid space?…Will they make gestures to protect themselves? Will they enact fear? Run away?…Whatever the response, participants can take a snapshot of themselves occupying the hybrid space with the bomb and performing such gestures. These snapshots will immediately upload to which will house the archive of ‘performances’.

Not recommended for cats, this piece was originally seen on Rhizome.

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March 10, 2009

Monster is a very simple / mashup work by nastynets which came through Rhizome about a week ago.

For related work see My Google Body and YouTube as Subject.

Originally seen on Rhizome.

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