October 19, 2008
Twittgenerator & Net.art.box

Two works pointed out to me in a comment which are similar to Blogbot and Blog Bot Platform are Twittgenerator (images above of the generator and resulting Twitter account) which is granted very recent and Net.art.box (images below) which is now an amazing eight years old.

Both works are by Yann Le Guennec (Net.art.box is in collaboration with Grégoire Cliquet) and seem to fit nicely into the artists collection of network programming art intended to automate art or the role of the artist (see also). Yann also is one of surprisingly few artists who are using the longer running open source tools/environments making much of his work with php, mysql and associated libraries such as gd.

Net.art.box was a temporary installation which consisted of an open IRC channel to:

receive definitions of net.art. The IRC log is printed in real time and a webcam film [sic] this printed log and shows it on the net. The device is a feedback loop between real and virtual spaces.

As it says the installation was a feedback loop to the internet where text comments passed from the ‘virtual’ to be printed in the ‘real’ and were then streamed back to the virtual as an image in effect rendering users thought as visual art. This is not just a technical loop but also an artistic one of perception, interpretation and reaction (see Interactivity and MultiMedia Interfaces for notes on interactive feedback loops).

Twittgenerator, when entered by a user recovers users text searches from search.live.com. These are then rendered as potential twits by an imagined user, most probably the artist, which can then be logged on twitter or not.

Whats interesting about both of these works (and Blogbot) is that while automated to an extent they all need to be triggered by a user who may or may not be conscious of what is happening when they simply go to the works webpage. Blogbot Platform is the exception of the four in that it’s user, most probably a plant or animal, is not your typical network user and most definitely not conscious of the result of their ‘actions’.

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