July 2, 2008
Roger Vilder – visualisation and representation in art


Roger Vilder (image above of Triangular Contraction) is possibly / probably my find of the year (so far) with his superb works employing string, wire, cables and generally any sort of connecting physical lines.

The works are reminiscent of drawings and old visual display systems for computers which could only display vector style graphics but actually consist of sophisticated three dimensional mechanical movements to simulate this two dimensional visualisation. Forms seem to move as if they are employing perspective or continually morphing and while they seem to refer to certain ideas of representation in art (but most closely new media art) do so without employing the usual ways of doing this, computers / software etc.

Note the images here do not do the works justice so please do click through to the artists website to see animations of the works in action.

Anamorphose 1 & 2

Image above left Anamorphose 1 and right Anamorphose 2.

Geomiba & Anamorphose 3

Image above left Geomiba and right Anamorphose 3.

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