December 24, 2008
Dept. of Rhythmanalysis: Dupage

The Dept. of Rhythmanalysis: Dupage (images above and below) came through a few weeks on Rhizome’s mailinglist:

This installation features a grid of 60 inter-connected control panels. Through labeled LED indicators, each yellow panel purports to monitor a different condition in the gallery, campus, or the world. Through some actual sensing and some fiction, each panel audibly switches at a distinct rhythm. Interspersed manual switches offer or deny the viewer a chance to influence these conditions, through turnkeys and dials. Some conditions are visibly and audibly interdependent, others autonomous and even questionably verifiable.

The work has an interestingly retro look of pre-digital mechanical interfaces (no screen based GUI’s here) yet is very visibly a network, a mechanical network, boxed controls connected through piped conduits instead of cables or even wireless connections. The work is similar to some installations I’ve posted about before which employ a particular visual style in their presentation (see here).

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