July 6, 2008

Inside Gecko

Inside Gecko (image above, two example videos below) is a Processing visualisation of how Gecko constructs pages in the browser as it receives them from the internet. Created by Satoshi Ueyama, the purpose of this work is not art as such but does do two interesting things. The work functions as an interesting way of visualising HTML page form which is largely overlooked because of it’s content. By doing this it creates connections with abstract painters such as Piet Mondrian, Peter Halley and so on who also look at grid like form structures. The work also creates an automated way of doing this by subverting information intended for a browser, this closes allies it with many art browsers but also net.art such as Chris Ashley’s HTML paintings, Peter Baldes animated gif works etc. which subvert the arrangement of the content.

Above reflow process of mozilla.org.

Above reflow process of wikipedia.org.

Originally seen at Computerlove.

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