March 24, 2008


Datapainting is a website with a series of generative works by Yann Le Guennec which use data in their creation and explore some of the image generating possibilities of php, something rarely used (or at least highlighted) to artistic ends.

Each picture is a dynamic composition which results from a program. In programs, some parameters vary randomly or according to data suitable for the moment and the technical context in which the picture generation takes place. Each picture is thus a representation in the field of possibles ones created by the code. Each image is then an element of an infinite and disordered series.

Here is a short selection of some of the more interesting works. Flickr Mixr (image above) creates pictures live from Flickr feeds.


Statvis (image above), similar in principle to the rhizome logo (an art work in itself) is:

a set of artistic visualizations that are based on the IP numbers of online visitors. the main principle is that the numerical values of the IP address is mapped onto the values of red, green, or blue in the RGB space, & onto the spatial positions of the visual elements. the number of times the same IP connects provides additional cues such as circle size, line width & so on.

In IPlog:

IP addresses are extracted from access_log files and transformed into superposed polygons.

Datascapes Generator

Datascapes Generator (image above) is a mixture of the generative scripts employed in other works on the site:

synthesized in a single online interface. Input-gallery contains photos from installations, output-gallery contains datascapes generated by users from input-gallery and a set of filters, using for example Apache log files or texts from mails currently circulating on the network.

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