March 25, 2007
The Media Cartridge

Media Cartridge

The Media Cartridge (photos above of the device in action and diagrams below) is a project by Gabe Dunne which imagines a device that can be thrown into inaccessible spaces or high points to project words onto a surface. according to the artist, it is:

a new weapon for the Guerrilla media artist. It allows the artist to project words onto any surface, with a diameter of about 20 to 30 feet. The Media Cartridge is launched in homage to the Hammer Throw in the Olympic games, with the included handle and cabling system.

Media Cartridge diagram

Similar in principle to many of the interventionist and opportunist ideas happening in projected media art e.g. Graffiti Research Lab, Frédéric Eyl, Gunnar Green and Richard The’s work Parasite and Daniel Sauter’s Light Attack (already mentioned here: Parasitic networks and opportunism in urban space) the work has one distinct advantage which allows the artist to distance themselves from the work, continue to control it and once finished retrieve the device:

Once engaged on a surface, the owner may call the cartridge via cellular telephone and reprogram the projection as they see fit.

To remove the Media Cartridge from the attached surface, you may connect to it, and upon entering a PIN, the cartridge will disengage, and fall to earth for the user to retrieve it. Multiple cartridges may be linked in order to create a moving message across multiple surfaces.

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