August 28, 2007
Relay Works: networked sculptures

Relay Counter

Some more work by Thomas Roppelt, again the documentation is in German (but interestingly the works titles are in English) so I’m doing my best here but this one seems relatively straight forward.

He calls these sculptural mechanisms collectively Relay Works of which there is Relay Timer (link to video below), Relay Counter (image above), Relay Spin (image below) and RCB Neon. They are works constructed with electrical (I think) relays set up to trigger each other in timed configurations creating time based sculptural networks or feedback loops.

Relay Spin

I’m convinced I saw this on VVORK and there was a video on youtube however I’m having no luck finding ether posting or video now. if you find these let me know and I will post them here. There is a video to download here of Relay Timer in real format (the direct streaming version does not seem to work).

Other sculptural networks include, Line, Crash and Bloom, Vacuum Filaments, Circular Breathing, Blogged & Spamtrap, Dialogical Drawing, a_mirror, Distant Views, Volume, Bion and Live Wire.

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