September 29, 2007
John Wild – Invisible Networks

John Wild

John Wild (here and here) is someone I stumbled across on youtube (actually he stumbled across me but that’s the joy of social networking) who works a lot with invisible transmissions / networks and their effects as source to create sound or imagery within video, installation or performance contexts. Invisible Geographies 50MHz-6000MHz (image above top left) are:

psychogeographical experiments in datspace [sic]


consist of looped video footage of geographical locations overlaid with field recordings of microwave communications recorded at the same locations.

Below are two example of Invisible Geographies 50MHz-6000MHz at Hogs Back and Harlesden.

The Messenger (image above top right, video below) is a work along similar lines which:

shows video footage of the 15 foot gilded angel, which turns in the wind, atop of Guildford Cathedral, concealing a mobile phone mast and several antennas. The Video footage is overlaid with field recordings of microwave communications been transmitted from the Angle.

Other related works by John include The Conduit (image above bottom left) and Digital Babble (image above bottom right). While strictly speaking only one of the works mentioned here is a performance, The conduit, all four have a performative element to them which reveals the invisibility, pervasiveness, noisy and chaotic nature of broadcast transmission networks.

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