January 15, 2007


InSense (pdf download from M.I.T.) (image above) is an interest-based mobile life logging system much along the same lines as Vannevar Bush’s revolutionary proposed, however non-mobile, system, the Memex (image below). The Memex is detailed in Bush’s article As we may think, please see The New Media Reader for a version of this with illustrations.


Conceived by Mark Blum, Alex Pentland, and Gehrard Tröster as a joint research collaboration between Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich the system allows users to:

collect their experiences into a continually growing and adapting multimedia diary. The system…uses the patterns in sensor readings from a camera, microphone, and accelerometers to classify the user’s activities and automatically collect multimedia clips when the user is in an “interesting” situation.

Post inspired by a post about InSense at Pasta and Vinegar.

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