September 30, 2006
Teleferique, Cluster

Cluster, Teleferique

The French collective Teleferique official stopped in 2005 after only six years of activities. They have however left documentation of their work online so that it can be viewed. Cluster is one particular work archived on their site from 2003 which uses a small area network of ten computers (and I’m loosely translating here):

Each computer is a node in the network. Together they can be considered as simply one machine similar in effect to a supercomputer. This architecture permits them to circumnavigate the limits of centralised systems by sharing work accross the computers at the same time.

The main manifestation of Cluster as an art work was at the multimedia space Gantner where Teleferique created a game to be played accross the ten computer cluster. The game on screen displays the same topology as the actual cluster of computers, essentially the software mimics the hardware. Each computer confronts the others on their small network as adversaries. Every three seconds each player (a computer) moves its colour (red or white) on the cluster. The first to move into position creating a link with the other wins and each round last until the player arrives at nine. The game is inspired by the game paper, scissors, rock.

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      [...] Intrigued by the diagram for Teleferique’s Cluster (used in the post) and the fact I am using diagrams more and more as part of planning / documentation of work I am undertaking or collaborating on, I decided to do a search of network diagrams on google. 26,600 results ranging through the obvious, ridiculous and sublime. [...]

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