September 20, 2006
Jim Campbell

Jim Campbells work Library

I stumbled across some of Jim Campbells work a few months ago (above) at Masterpieces of Media Art at the ZKM (still running until January 2007 and well worth a trip to Karlsruhe), took a photo not knowing who’s work it was as there didn’t seem to be any clear info and thought no more of it as it was primarily cinematic and not my area (although very beautiful).

Early this morning Rhizome News posted an article on an exhibition by Campbell, with an image and I quickly made the connection and found his website. While the focus of the article is on Campbell’s LED based works and most of his latest work seems to revole around the use of LED based screens and the abstraction or minimalisation of a moving image to what is barely perceivable, three works spread over thirteen years appealed to me more than these:

  • Self Portrait of Paul DeMarinis (2003) (below left)
  • Untitled (For The Sun) (1999)
  • Memory/Recollection (1990) (below right)

Jim Campbells work

These three (particularily Self Portrait of Paul DeMarinis) capture and illustrate very simply but fundamental ideas of connecting technology with … so many things, other technology, the world around it, users, sound etc. This is all summed up very nicely in Campbells Formula for Computer Art, a artists statement on concept and research as illustrative animation (seen below).

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