Contact beyond the browser to a world of things

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In under a decade and a half, has developed from an obscure to a hyped form, gaining acceptance in the institution and being absorbed into popular culture. Why has become associated with the web and not networks in general is evident within the form itself. The advantages the web embodies as an arena to conceive, create and present art means the web is for artists all at once their message, medium and [web]site.

This paper will identify and trace the pre-web origins of to evaluate what contribution they can make to’s future development beyond the browser. Within this context, Web 2.0 and more particularly the Internet of Things will be discussed as a means to enable this. Examples of progressive practice will illustrate the evolution of into a networked art.


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Previously published in French as Net Art : au-delà  du navigateur… un monde d’objets in an issue of the academic journal Terminal, Technologie de L’information, culture & société (Terminal, Information Technology, Culture & Society) titled Net Art, Technologie ou Création? (Net Art, Technology or Creation) and available through Editions L’Harmattan.

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