I’m Not Garrett Lynch (IRL) – Zazzle Store

I'm Not Garrett Lynch (IRL) - Zazzle Store.

Above: I’m Not Garrett Lynch (IRL) – Zazzle Store. Click to view larger images.

The I’m Not Garrett Lynch (IRL) Zazzle Store was created as part of the artist’s residency and the group exhibition Self as Actor at NeMe Arts Centre, Cyprus, which ran from the 15/02/2009 – 15/03/2009. Its purpose was to extend the artist’s Self identity through juxtaposition with the Other. It this did through a range of wearable products that all bore the text ‘I’m not Garrett Lynch (IRL)’. The products were divided into three collections:

  • I’m not Garrett Lynch (IRL) for her – a collection for the female Other;
  • I’m not Garrett Lynch (IRL) for him – a collection for the male Other;
  • and I’m not Garrett Lynch (IRL) for them – a collection for little Others (children and pets).

The store was launched with the following statement:

What is identity if not juxtaposition with an Other?

The Other, a phenomenological term that identifies other human beings as a cumulative, constituting factor in the self-image of a person, is an acknowledgement of the Self being ‘real’. Therefore, the Other is dissimilar to yet complementary of the Self. I am me because I am not you and equally you are you because you are not me.

To celebrate your identity I created three wearable collections titled I’m Not Garrett Lynch (IRL) – one for her, him and little Others. Declare your identity to the world by dressing yourself as Not Garrett Lynch (IRL).

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