I’m not Garrett Lynch (IRL) – Identity Badge Performance

I'm not Garrett Lynch (IRL) - badges.

Above: Photos of participants in the performance wearing I’m Not Garrett Lynch (IRL) badges. Click to view.

I’m Not Garrett Lynch (IRL) – Identity Badge Performance, occurred as part of the exhibition Real Virtuality: a netrospective of the Networked Art of Garrett Lynch online and at Open Signal in Portland, Oregon (US) on February 9th 2018.

The performance continuing ideas from prior performances about identity, ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ in Second Life and subsequent related works outside of Second Life. Participants in the performance wore badges stating I’m Not Garrett Lynch (IRL). Instead of connecting/relating my physical identity with my representation’s identity (my avatar) across ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ spaces as occurred in prior performances, the aim was to extend my identity to a distant social space through the acknowledgement of the identity of the Other(s). By juxtaposing identities in this way I had a ‘virtual’ presence, participant’s identities were emphasised and a social situation was formed.

Many thanks to Peripheral Forms for organising the event for the performance to occur within and for collaborating in the performance’s conception. Thanks to all those who participated.

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