I’m Garrett Lynch (IRL)

Above: Video documentation of the performance I’m Garrett Lynch (IRL).

I’m Garrett Lynch (IRL) was performed for the second and last time on the 4th of August at 1:30pm SLT (9:30pm GMT) as part of the 2010 Odyssey Performance Art Festival running from the 31st July – 10th August 2010 at Odyssey Art and Performance Simu in Second Life. This version of the performance was significantly updated from the initial performance.

 I'm Garrett Lynch (IRL)

Above: Click image for a gallery of performance photos.

The performance continued ideas of the artist, identity and being from the initial performance and the works Between Saying and Doing and On Exactitude of Similitude while introducing suggestions of ‘place’ and its relation to these. The artist, wearing his now usual sandwich board, generated two hundred visually identical sandwich boards for participants to wear while all but taking control of the chat window to focus discussion on topics including identity, location, place, representation, original and copy, ‘reality’ and fiction. In addition, doppelgängers of the artists avatar and Google Map pins were created throughout the space. Each produced sounds from their location when they moved or interacted with the audience. The Google Map pins constantly floated skyward and disappeared emphasising the meaninglessness of place in a virtual world while the doppelgängers joined the spectators to watch the performance and followed both the artists and other avatars. The performance lasted approximately 29 minutes and terminated when all Google Map pins and doppelgängers had floated away. The remaining sandwich boards were left for visitors to take over the following days of the festival at Odyssey.

Twenty eight people participated in the performance in total including Alazi Sautereau, Apmel Goosson, Birkenkrahe Aya, Bruce Rathmullah, Chantal Harvey, Dekka Raymaker, dino Ferina, Drifter Rhode, Fau Ferdinand, Gliese Starsider, Jo Ellsmere, Jurassic Moonites, Kandinsky Beaumont, Karllos Decosta, Kikas Babenco, lizsolo Mathilde, Lollito Larkham, Marmaduke Arado, Maya Paris, Millimina Salamander, Naomi Greenberg, Nutski Newman, Penumbra Carter, Selavy Oh, Simotron Aquila, spirit Radikal, ush Underwood and Ze Moo. When each participant wore a sandwich board it changed to state “I’m not Garrett Lynch (IRL)” and they sent me an email in ‘real’ life to log their identity and location in the following format:

Date: 4 August 2010 21:34:45 BST
To: <>
Subject: Email from Dekka Raymaker
Object-Name: Sandwich Board
Region: Odyssey (243200, 230656)
Local-Position: (182, 110, 26)
Dekka Raymaker says: I’m not Garrett Lynch (IRL).
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